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You can open up the test here. It's a Word document and will take about a minute to open. Simply open it, do not record it for the moment.

IT Certificate 1

These explanations may help you. If you want to do the test with these instructions open you have to split the screen with a 'horizontal mosaic' (click right in the bottom toolbar):

1.Make a full window by using the middle button here

or by double clicking the top blue toolbar.

2. Make a smaller window by again using the middle button or by double clicking the top blue toolbar.

3.Reduce to bottom toolbar by clicking the left button.

4.Place cursor in top blue toolbar and you can move the window around.

5.There are several ways of knowing if a window is active.First of all, It's the window that is on the top of the screen. then if it's a Word Document the cursor will be flashing.

The top bar is a darker blue:

and the button in the bottom toolbar is darker and inset into the bar:

6. Touch the edge or corner of a window and look for the double black arrow. With this double black arrow the window can be stretched bigger or smaller.

7. To open Poste de Travail press the 'MS Windows' key on the keyboard and the letter E.

8.To split the screen go to bottom toolbar, click right and select 'Horizontal Mosaic':

9.Right click on Drive C , go down to 'Properties' and open this 'camembert' :

10.Use F12 to record a document with a new filename or in another folder:

15. To move a document into 'Mes documents', select the file that you want to move, click the mouse on the right , 'Envoyer vers' and 'Mes documents'.

Using 'Envoyer vers' creates a copy in 'Mes Documents' so now you have to delete the original which is still on the desktop. Simply select it and click right on the mouse to delete:

16. This is how you search for a document when you can't remember where you recorded it or if you can't remember its full name:

17. Type the name of the lost document here :

18. Once found, click right on the file name , go to 'Properties' and there is all the information you need.

22. This is how you open up the calculator :

24. To correct spelling , click right on the underlined word and click the correct spelling at the top of the menu.

26. To push inwards the first lines of the paragraphs , select all three paragraphs and move the top white arrow (in the ruler above the page) one cm to the right (if you move both arrows the whole paragraph is set inwards).

27. To insert a table go to Tableau > Insérer > Tableau.

Select the correct number of lines and columns:

To move the words into the cells, select each word (double click) :

and 'drag & drop' it with Ctrl pressed (to copy):

33. To open a link in a Word document you have to press Ctrl and double click the link:

To make a link in a Word document you have to first of all select and copy the address to which you want the link to go. Use Ctrl C or click right and copy:

Then select the text which is going to be made into a link, click right on the mouse and select 'Lien hypertexte' :

In this menu paste (Ctrl V) the address (which you have already copied) into the box 'Adresse'. Click 'OK'.