Nice Boy (8 years)

As a small child he was sweet - tempered, patient and generous. This is Mr H at primary school  in the suburbs of   London.

Nice Boy (11 years)
At primary  school he was a serious student, good at Maths, English, History , Geography, French, Drama, country dancing , football, cricket, athletics, art  model-making and cooking.  His primary school teachers liked him for his pleasant smile and politeness .


Nice Boy (15 years)

Here is your hero at secondary school . Mr H gained distinction in a number of subjects . He sang in the choir, played rugby, rowed for the school, loved cross - country running  and was very good at boxing , judo and weight-lifting. He was always at lessons on time and sat in the front row. He adored school dinners and never left anything on his plate. One of the most popular students in the school, always surrounded by  friends , he was  invited to lots of parties.

Young Teacher  (Feared & Respected)

Our story ends with Mr H recently qualified  as an enthusiastic History teacher.