Mr Briggs has been teaching since 1996, both in France & the USA. He is now teaching History and Geography in the collège and 2nde.

He studied History in Massachusetts and in his spare time plays the guitar.


Mr Beaulieu studied at the University of California in San Diego and has taught both History and Spanish in Los Angeles high schools.He also taught for three years in Mexico.

He now has History/Geography classes in the collège.


Mme Saba  teaches History / Geography in the lycée, 4ème and 6ème classes.

She studied History and Education in Pittsburg and taught in the USA before joining us at EABJM.



Mr de Sousa taught at primary schools in  Toronto   and   Paris  before joining us to teach the OI and 2nde classes.

He studied History and Philosophy in Hamilton, Ontario .
Mr Jewsbury is an American writer and professor. He teaches  2nde and IB classes. 

He is a specialist in Russian and Eastern European History.

    Mr McDermott has been at the school for a number of years and is Head of the English Dept in 3ème & the Lycée. 

He studied English & History at the University of Kent and teaches both English and History classes at school.

Mr Hughes started at the school in the 1980s after studying at Manchester University and teaching in England. He is Head
of History/Geography in English in collège.

 He is particularly interested in developing projects such as 'Global Issues', 'Itineraires de Decouvertes' in 5è and the 'Living history' project with the 5è classes.