The Medieval Marketplace
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Goods from Asia  



Spices were  imported from Asia especially from India. Many different kinds of spices were coming in from the east such as pepper, cinnamon, curry, raisins, razhem, chilies and many others. Some of the spices were very expensive and were valuable.The Indians  would trade them for gold. The people of the west loved spices.It gave a lot of taste to their food and also helped them preserve the meat.


Silk was mainly imported from China. It was an expensive good and  was used to make many of the fine clothes of rich European people. The silk was also imported to India where fine carpets were made and then brought to the west.

The Silk Road


The Silk Road is a route that connected China to the west. This road was the easiest way to trade goods. Asia usually exported fur, silk, silver, precious stones, glass, wool, jewels, spices, carpets and many other things. This road was also a way to exchange knowledge and religion. The main way of transport on this difficult and dangerous route were caravans.They would travel all along the road packed with goods. This road also contributed to an enormous part of Asian culture. This also helped develop Asia and made it become less poor than it was.


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* What  was the most interesting part of the project?

We had great fun!!! We all thought it was an exelant idea to do the IDD project. Wee also had exelant teachers that made everything simpler. Are favourite thing was of course the setting and making of the models. The results of the project were  very good and we all felt very satisfied.

* What  was the most difficult part of the project?
It was a good project but very difficult to realise. The worst was to find information and organise each other in the groupe.